Vision and Values


Confirm that the cooperation between a business group and a philanthropic foundation is creating synergies between the two worlds, is generating a visible impact in the sustainable development of society as well as in the profitability of the business, and is establishing a new model of business management geared toward the triple bottom line.


To promote a new paradigm of more sustainable development in Latin America through the long-term creation of financial, environmental, human, and social capital.

Strategic Objectives

In order to advance towards this vision and mission, VIVA Trust has established the following strategic objectives:

  • To promote social, environmental, and productive change in the region through the identification, strengthening, and support of leaders and leader networks in businesses and civil society.
  • To achieve greater understanding and cooperation between businesses and civil society in order to promote innovative solutions to the challenges of sustainable development.
  • To positioning VIVA Trust as a leading organization in its field in order to interest others in its model of industrial productivity and sustainable philanthropy.
  • To establish criteria, values, and control mechanisms that allow VIVA to evaluate its investments and philanthropic activities in accordance to principles of sustainability and transparency.
  • To preserve or increase the Trust's assets over the long term and through the successful performance of its productive and philanthropic activities.


VIVA Trust wishes to promote the following values, which have also characterized Stephan Schmidheiny's business and philanthropic activities throughout his career. These are:

  • Leadership for sustainable development.
  • Innovation and experimentation for promoting change.
  • Enterprising spirit in all investments, activities, and projects.
  • Ethical and responsible behavior, emphasizing the integrity of GrupoNueva, Fundacion AVINA, and FUNDES.
  • Evaluation, accountability, and transparency in order to achieve a more fluid process and a more enriching learning experience.
  • Development of a culture of mutual challenges
  • Successful and sustainable performance in all its organizations, in productive, financial, environmental, and social terms.