Executive Committee of VIVA Trust, 2013
Sitting: Paul Rice (Director), Frank Gulich (Protector), Roberto Artavia (President), Andreas Eggenberg (Director)
Standing: Mark Bridges (Protector), Shannon Music (Secretary), Christian Verling (Trustee)
Not pictured: Heinz Hefti (Director)

VIVA Trust is organized into three major bodies: the Executive Committee, the Board of Trustees, and the Administrative Unit.

  • The Executive Committee is chaired by Roberto Artavia, with Andreas Eggenberg, Heinz Hefti and Paul Rice as directors. This executive team is charged with designing, implementing, and controlling VIVA Trust's strategy.
  • The Board of Trustees is in charge of managing the assets in accordance with the strategy set forth by the Executive Committee.
  • The Administrative Unit, VIVA Services, provides the necessary support services to the Executive Committee and its members.